Monday, September 6, 2010

Versions Eleven

The original purpose of the blog was to blog about my practice's conversion to a full electronic health record (EHR). I have been a big proponent of the EHR for many years but until this point it has been financially unfeasible to take the plunge. Enter HITECH new legislation which will provide cash incentives for physician practices to convert to an EHR. Our office was to go electronic this year (hence the blog) but ironically the conversion has been put on hold as the current version of the EHR doesn't meet the meaningful use requirements to obtain the incentive payout. A new version "Eleven" will be out next year. So rather than convert to version ten then have to reconvert to eleven it makes sense to wait.

The stimulus package passed by Congress caused us to wait another year for an EMR. I guess in the long run we will have more doctors using an EMR but in the short run still waiting.

Stay tuned fans of medicine and tech. Until we "go live", I will blog about trends and historical musings related to technology and medical informatics.

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